Dr. Blanchard

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On May 8, 1992, Corner Stone Christian Center was founded with less than 25 members. Since that time Corner Stone Christian Center has seen the power of God bring to pass the era of "Restoration". Through obedience to His call and God's faithfulness to His Word, we saw the Holy Spirit give birth to: • Restoration of the building, the community and the people who involved themselves with the ministries of CSCC. • The Abundant Life Ministry (TALM) television and radio broadcast, which ministers the Word of God daily to thousands. This ministry has been a light to the lost and spiritual food for the hungry. • Right Relations married and unmarried ministries has served as a tool of the Holy Spirit to cancel thousands of divorces and has guided hundreds of unmarried believers into right relationships with God and members of the opposite sex. • Over 5000 New Believers have been added to the body of Christ and hundreds of them have received the right hand of fellowship as members of CSCC. • Children's Ministry ministers the Word of God to children ages 3-11 years old each week as the faithful staff endeavor to, "train" the children in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from the faith. • Teen Ministry empowers teens in the knowledge of God and inspires them to fulfill their God given destiny. • Over 30 Ministry Of Help Departments have been established to meet the needs of the congregation of CSCC. • Over 40 Leaders faithfully serve in the office of Elders, Evangelist, Ministers, Deacons and Missionaries. Corner Stone Christian Center has seen the power of God restore the lives of the people in the community and a dilapidated church building. The final stage of restoring to its' "Former Glory" was completed during the "Restoration Era". God almighty and the Heavenly Host, along with myself, applaud every partner who made this phase of the VISION(Restoration) a reality. Without the ongoing prayer support of our members, friends and partners our accomplishment would not be. We shall therefore maintain the integrity of this ministry, through its Biblical teachings and excellence in ministry displayed by our "Great Example Setter," Jesus Christ. We pray that you will join us as we make "Dominion In His Kingdom" a reality. Dr. Michael A. Blanchard Senior Pastor & Founder